“Aligning the individual, team and organisation to achieve greatness”

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Attila & Kim Ovari

Embrace Practice Partners Attila & Kim Ovari

Embrace Practice is a Coaching, Training and Consulting Organisation with a mission to “Align the Individual, Team and Organisation to achieve Greatness.” Through the provision of a holistic approach Embrace Practice will work with you to:

  • Define and support your organisation’s Purpose,
  • Ensure that your organisational Business Processes support your Purpose,
  • Develop a Culture in your Team to achieve your purpose,
  • Build a Team Synergy that increases your organisation effectiveness and efficiency,
  • Train team members to maximise and increase their knowledge, and
  • Coach team members to ensure that they operate at maximum potential.

The partners in Embrace Practice are the husband and wife team Attila & Kim Ovari. This partnership provides a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Attila Ovari has in excess of 16 years leadership and management experience. He has a reputation for challenging both himself and those around him to set and achieve high standards and goals. Attila has demonstrated leadership ability through inspiring and empowering both paid and volunteer team members. Attila has experience in small business, government, private and not for profit organisations. Industries that Attila has worked in include Business Services, Market Research, Aged Care, Disability Services, Children Services and Construction. Attila’s experience has included:

– Leadership and Management
– Learning, Training and Development
– Project Management
– Risk Management
– Business Management
– Communication Skills
– Systems Development & Implementation
– Travel and Adventure
– Youth Empowerment

My formal studies include the following:
– Bachelor of Commerce in Management Sciences (University of Canberra)
– Diploma of Management
– Diploma of Personnel and Operations Management
– Diploma of Government (Management)
– Certificate IV of Training and Assessment
– Certificate IV of Legal Services
I am currently studying Masters of Business Administration at the University of South Australia

Attila Ovari’s contact details are:
attila@ovari.biz (email)
www.attilaovari.com (blog)

+61-450-030155 (mobile)
aovari (Skype)

Kim Ovari (formerly Kim Selig) has over 20 years’ experience in the Education and Care Sector. Kim’s experience includes working in Early Childhood Centres as a Director and in training for over a decade in Education & Care and Out of School Care. Kim’s experience has taken her all over the country.

Kim Ovari’s qualifications include:
• Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood
• Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services
• Associate Diploma in Social Science (Child Studies)
• Diploma of Children’s Services
• Cert IV in Training and Assessment
• Cert III of Children’s Services

Kim’s commenced her own Children Services consulting business in January 2012. Kim’s currently providing the following services to Children Service Providers:
• Individual Training
• Coaching & Mentoring for Educators, Room Leaders and Directors
• Parent Workshops
• Staff and Training Workshops
• Working with Services to meet the individual needs of the Service and Staff
• Development of business processes in Children Services

Kim Ovari’s contact details are:
kim@ovari.biz (email)
www.kimovari.com (blog)
+61-449-220800 (phone)